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05 Mar Enforcement of Foreign Judgment Under Nigeria Laws

INTRODUCTION The growth of international trade and travel, together with the growing increase in commercial operations between Nigerians, foreign corporations and/or individuals have led to an awareness of certain legal problems including the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgements in Nigeria. Although Nigeria is not part of...

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03 Mar Nominee Services and Corporate Governance

  Nominee services are contractual arrangements between Nominees (directors and shareholders) and the actual or beneficial owners of these positions. It involves the official representation of directors and/or shareholders in a Company both physically and legally. Nominee services are generally sought after for the purpose of...

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29 Jan Application for a Microfinance Bank Licence

Introduction The Microfinance banking sector has experienced a lot of changes in recent times. In the span of two years (2018 -2020), the Central Bank of Nigeria has increased the minimum capital requirement for a Microfinance Bank (‘MFB’) licence twice. One of the reasons for renewed...

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